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10 pcs Car Vacuum Tire Repair Nails - L

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1. Lossless & Efficient: The inside diameter less than 5 mm, no damage to tires, no air leakage.Simply insert the nail into the tire wound to complete simple and efficient tire repair work.
2. Perfect Sealing Effect: It adheres firmly to the tire, high connection strength, good sealing performance prevents water from entering the wound, so the steel belt will not rust or delamination.
3. Easy To Operate: Easy to install with this tire repair nail, you can repair your tire by yourself, do not find the auto repair shop, economical and time-saving.
4. High Temperature&Wear Resistance: Made of top quality rubber, features high temperature resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance. Long service life, one repair is enough, no need for two repairs.
5. Wide Application: Professional puncture repair nail, can be used on car, motorcycle truck bus and agricultural tires.

Details Of Usage:
- Tire is divided into three parts: Tire groove self crown Tire side.
- Tire groove location breach repair method: the patch nail screwed into the tire groove below the plane 0.5 mm;
- Crown location breach repair method: the patch nail screwed into the tire groove level;
- Tire side location of the breach repair method: the tire repair nail screwed into, below the tire side plane 0.5 mm;
- Puncture object oblique repair method: repair with the direction of the breach screwed.

The small size can make up for the gap within 0.1-3mm; the large size can make up for the gap within 3-5mm.

Tire tread without tread or tire serious aging, please use other ways to repair, for your safety recommended to replace the tire.

1. Material: Rubber
2. Size: S: 5.3x11.7cm, L: 6.8x12.7cm
3. Weight: 24.1g
4. Package: pp bag

Package includes:
20 pcs x Car Tire Repair Rubber Nails

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