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Jade Roller with Gua Sha Scraper

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- Amazing effects: It closes the pores on the skin and promotes blood circulation providing great looking skin with a visible glow.
- Humanize design: The roller is in two sizes, the big one and the small one. The big roller is for the face that helps to reduce edema, lift up the skin glow.
- Roller is for the eyes to remove dark circles and puffiness. It may also be used anywhere else on the body that needs to stretch, relax or massage.
- 100% natural Jade: The stone is 100% natural and is equipped with all the qualities which are beneficial to the human body.

How to use the Roller?
- Wash your face with your regular cleanser and completely dry your face using a towel. Then lightly massage your face bottom up, using the large Nudic roller.
2. Now apply your usual night cream on your face and neck. The Nudic roller should be used in upward motions gently all over your face and neck including your cheeks, forehead as well as around your lip area.
3. In order to have a beauty regime; use this Nudic roller to massage your face once in a day, three times in a week for at least 10-15 minutes.
4. Moreover, for better care of the skin, this massager can be kept in hot water heating device and then used for the massage.
5. Lastly, the massager should be kept in the refrigerator and then left to freeze and then used on the face in order to shrink any open pores on the face. You must however be careful to keep an eye on the hot and cold temperatures.

1. Material: Natural Jade
2. Size: length: 14; roller width: 4.5cm; small roller width: 2cm
3. Color: Green
4. Weight: 114g; volume weight: 125.25g
5. Package: retail package

Package includes:
1 pcs x Jade Roller

Jade Roller with Gua Sha Scraper for Face Beauty Roller to Improve the Appearance of your Skin
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